Minister of State Responsible for National Policy János Árpád Potápi opened a modern physics laboratory at Ungvár National University Hungarian-language department.

The Hungarian government will do everything it can to ensure that Transcarpathian Hungarians can pursue their studies from kindergarten to university on their mother tongue. It is important that Hungarian parents enroll their children in Hungarian language schools because knowledge can be thoroughly acquired only by studying on mother tongue said the politician.

Potápi also announced that the government launches a new assistance program starting on October 15; the goal is to encourage ethnic Hungarians to stay in their homeland. The government will pay salary supplements to Hungarian speaking doctors and health workers as well as the arts and music school teachers.

The Transcarpathian Hungarian community must remain strong; the invaluable work of intellectuals – teachers, clergymen and doctors must be recognized; they must be encouraged not to leave their professions, and their homeland. Potápi pointed out that Hungary is already supporting school and kindergarten teachers, and pastors adding that the government will continue supporting the Transcarpathian Hungarian community and their institutions even in these difficult economic times.

Regarding the upcoming Ukrainian municipal elections, the Hungarian politician urged the Hungarian community to go to the polls in large numbers and vote for the Hungarian candidates. He praised the Hungarian parties because they put their differences aside and joined forces before the upcoming elections.

President of KMKSZ and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament László Brenzovics thanked the Hungarian government for supporting the Hungarian community and their institutions. It is extremely important to support the Hungarian educational institutions because under this severe economic climate, the operations of these institutions suffer first.

President of UMDSZ and professor of Ungvár National University László Zubánics emphasized that the Hungarian government’s support is a “tangible” evidence of the beneficial effects of the Basic Law that emphasizes Hungary’s responsibility towards the Hungarian communities residing in the neighboring countries. He also thanked the state official for helping the two Hungarian political parties resolving their differences from which the entire community will benefit.

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  1. It would be nice if Soros would back this endeavour and support wholeheartedly the Hungarian minorities rather than financing anti-government factions.

  2. What about ethnic Hungarians who are not Christians but rather Jewish?

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