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On Sunday morning (May 3) several portals reported that his son allegedly murdered the Hungarian actor István Szilágyi.

István Szilágyi was born in 1937 and graduated as an actor in 1961. Among many stage roles in numerous Hungarian theatres, Szilágyi was known for the character Gáspár Lópici in the movie Keménykalap és krumpliorr made from the novel with the same title. The actor played a man whose job is to stick posters and advertisements on the streets of Budapest. Alongside the exciting movie, the Hungarian audience adored the lovely character. 

István Szilágyi, Hungary, actor, Keménykalap
Photo: Youtube

Blikk reported that István Szilágyi retired in 2016 and lived in Budapest in a modest environment. On Sunday morning, his wife Jolán Humenyánszky ran to the grocery store next to Szilágyi’s flat asking for help because the actor’s son was beating his husband and she was afraid he might die. 

One of the employees of the store decided to call the authorities and help the desperate woman. He entered the flat where he found everything covered in blood with Szilágyi lying on the ground unconsciously. His son was beating his head with a hammer. The man was able to keep the boy away from his father until the police arrived. 

According to the neighbours, the tragedy was inevitable. Origo reported that the Szilágyi family was well-known in the area and not for the actor’s fame but his son’s acts. Three years ago, the Hungarian actor was taken to the hospital when his son brutally abused him breaking several ribs of Szilágyi. The actor defended his son by calling the incident a simple accident as he fell on the ground. Although the man was arrested, he was not taken to prison. 

The 49-year-old Péter Szilágyi not only hurt his father but his mother. Many people saw signs of physical harassment on their skins when visiting the family at their home. The man allegedly had alcohol problems and symptoms of epilepsy and argued with his parents frequently. 

According to Szeretlek Magyarország, the family had financial problems for a long time and lived together with their child who worked as a producer but has been unemployed for a while. There was also another incident when the man physically abused his father with a whip, leaving several scars on Szilágyi’s body who had to be taken to hospital. A few months later, the actor appeared at an award show with a monocle under his eye. Every time he was asked about what happened, the actor said it was an accident. 

István Szilágyi was 82 years old. 


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