Air traffic controllers have the highest salary in Hungary, but those with a degree in law or engineering are well off as well.

Based on the data collected by the National Employment Service, gathered the best paying professions in Hungary. At the top of the list are the leaders of social- (advocacy groups) and other organizations, air traffic controllers, those in a management positions, judges, tax consultants, attorneys, and telecommunication engineers. Their monthly salary is between 594.00 HUF and 1.3 million HUF.

Those in a management position have the highest salaries, and although they usually cannot be newly graduates, if they move up the corporate ladder there is a chance for them to get a raise.

ProfessionAverage monthly gross income in HUF
Air traffic controller1 353 055
Leader of social- (advocacy groups) and other organizations1 176 372
Head of research and development conducting unit952 980
Head of business service conducting unit857 094
Head of IT and telecommunication service unit787 787
Head of units conducting financial services721 222
Head of accounting and financial activities conducing unit715 263
Tax consultant, tax practitioner713 976
Head of corporate strategic planning unit707 478
Personal manager, head of human political services conducting unit692 524
Head of ads-, PR-, and other telecommunication services666 840
Judge658 800
Attorney626 984
Pilot, shipping engineer619 038
Sportsman/woman607 984
Telecommunication engineer594 147
Financial analyst and investment counsellor574 876
Economic analyst562 172
Broker and financial agent551 760
Software-and application developer,-analyst545 077

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translated by Adrienn Sain

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