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The US ambassador to Hungary is working to resolve the issue of the Central European University’s status in Hungary, the embassy said in a statement on Thursday.

The CEU has said that unless the university can emerge from its current legal limbo in Hungary by December 1, the new student intake for its American accredited masters and doctoral programmes will start their studies at the CEU’s new campus in Vienna, read more details HERE.

According to the US embassy statement, Ambassador David Cornstein said:

“CEU remains a priority for the U.S. Government and has overwhelming bipartisan support in the United States.”

“I understand CEU’s position — prolonged uncertainty is not sustainable for an academic institution. However, a solution is still possible. There is a small window to resolve this, but it needs to happen fast. I am working with both parties to continue the negotiations and find an acceptable resolution before December 1,” the statement added.

Source: MTI

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  1. Ask the question, why no other foreign university has problems in Hungary?

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