ARTRIS, now available for Android and iOS devices as well, is a new Hungarian application that mixes art, puzzle and Tetris creating an informative and fun game, reports.

The developers created the app using only the team’s capitol and their aim was to offer something to users who want to play and learn about famous artworks at the same time. ARTRIS combines two of the most popular games everybody knows: Tetris and puzzle. Players have to recreate famous artworks (or landscapes, animals according to their choice of photo sets) from pieces that fall down just like the colourful blocks in Tetris.

On different levels, players have to solve problems, for example traversed blocks or hidden details on the pictures. You can also play ARTRIS in multiplayer mode, so if you feel secure enough in the wold of art, compete with your friends!

“Our goal was to develop an informative game that helps improving arts education, and which several generations can play with. ARTRIS is an informative and enjoyable application that also develops several skills. It might bring the world of arts closer to children, because it educates in an unconscious way. In addition, the app will come out in several other languages and we hope to find new sponsors as well, in order to upgrade the project.”-says Ágota Narancsik, one of the creative minds behind ARTRIS.

Paintings used in the app feature the most famous artists’ works: Cézanne, Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt and Toulouse Lautrec, but you can also find Hungarian artworks in the game, names like József Rippl-Rónai, Pál Szinyei-Merse represent Hungarian fine art. The paintings used in Artris were made available by KOGART, TAT Gallery and the private collection of Gábor Kovács.

If you are interested in the new Hungarian application, you can download the game for your Android devices from the Google Play Store and for your iOS devices from the Apple Store. The game is free and available for smart phones and tablets.

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translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: Pixabay


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