David Cornstein – US ambassador of Budapest Photo:

The 81-year-old diplomat, David Cornstein loves Hungary, especially for its excellent food, fascinating history, world-famous talents and tasty wines. He thinks it is a pity that he has not seen much of the countryside.

The US ambassador of Budapest has given a short interview to Xpatloop News Agency – HVG reports. According to Cornstein, he is a satisfied man who would not exchange his life with anyone else, and there is nothing he needs except good health. 

He likes one of the most straightforward pizza, called Margherita, with the uncomplicated combination of tomato and cheese. He was also asked about his favourite website, but he says that

he does not use the internet at all because he belongs to another generation. 

The theme piece of music of his life would be New York, New York and this is the place where he would like to live the most. 

Cornstein took his position last year in the summer – it was during his mandate when the Hungarian government chased away CEU (Central European University) from Budapest. He called it failure then, but according to a recent article of the New York Times, he is rather the man of Orbán and not Trump’s anymore. In the same article, we can read that once he had a conversation in underwear with Orbán, on the sofa of the Hungarian prime minister’s private aircraft. 

You can read about David Cornstein’s comment on the Orbán-Trump meeting of May here. You can also read about the discussions of the Hungarian government and the US ambassador of bilateral economic cooperation here


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