70% of the inspections at taxi service providers revealed some kind of infringement – BKK (Budapest Public Transportation) reports. Until the beginning of September 2000 checks had been made by the company of the capital and in 1400 cases the functioning was found unlawful

According to Világgazdaság, this proportion of infringements is very embarrassing because no improvement can be observed compared to last year – the result has almost the same percentage as last year. 

There is little chance to improve the statistics for the rest of the year. Transportation inspectors of BKK only have the capacity to do 230-250 inspections a month – so approximately 900 taxi drivers can expect control till December. 

There are about 6700 taxi drivers in Budapest based on the decree of the capital. Compared to this number, 3000 inspections a year cannot be considered to be a lot.

Half of the taxi drivers do not need to calculate with any kind of supervision from BKK.

The scale of infringements is quite large – authorities encounter smaller and very serious errors as well. The former is like an inappropriate appearance or parking etc. The latter is, e.g. no permission to use the taxi station, making the price more expensive by manipulating the taximeter, changing the standard tariffs, applying fixed fee etc. 

It is not the first time that authorities had to counter the illegal operation of taxi service providers – you can read and interesting article of the topic here. You can further read about the financial state of taxi companies here.

Source: vg.hu

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