Hungarian cuisine is not only famous for its incredibly delicious soups and main courses (e.g. goulash soup, chicken paprikash, etc.). The Hungarian family lunch is only complete with a soup (as a starter), the main course and a dessert. 

Hungarian desserts are also well-known and beloved all around the world. You can read about 5 typical Hungarian main courses here and 5+1 traditional soups here. Let us help you cook a completely traditional Hungarian lunch by introducing you 5+1 typical Hungarian desserts with their recipes and tutorial videos below. Be careful with the ingredients and their quantity, because they may differ in the recipes and the videos.

Krémes (vanilla slice/custard slice) is a very simple Hungarian cake, filled with light and delicious vanilla cream. You can find the recipe here and watch the video above. 

Gundel palacsinta (Gundel pancake) is a very special pancake, filled with walnut, raisins, cinnamon and rum. It is served with delicious chocolate sauce in the top. Click here for the recipe and find the video above. 

Dobos torta (Dobos cake) is caramel and chocolate-based traditional Hungarian dessert with a long history. It takes like 80 minutes to make it without any difficulty. Read the recipe and watch the tutorial video above to be ready.

Rigó Jancsi (chocolate sponge cake/chocolate mousse) is a special chocolate-based dessert. It has a special shape, texture and consistency but no challenge to make it at all. Check out the recipe here and then watch the video above. Are you ready?

Somlói Galuska (Somloi Dumplings) is an incredibly creamy Hungarian dessert with the perfect harmony of the tastes – including walnut, chocolate and raisins. Check out the video above and the recipe here. Let’s bake!

The +1 Hungarian dessert is also a special one because it holds a unique surprise for you. It is a cottage cheese-based, light, pleasant and extremely delicious cake with apricot flavour, called Rákóczi túrós (Rákóczi cottage cheesecake). Watch the video above, read the recipe here and get ready to bake! 


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