Hungarian experts suspected it since 2015, but now it has been proven as certain: the lynxes came back to Hungary.

According to NLCafé, a new camera trap video is the proof that lynxes appeared in the North Hungarian Mountains again. The lynx of Zemplén was last recorded by a camera trap on 31st December in 2015. There had been no trace of its presence since then, neither any camera footages up until now. The feline was spotted by hunters first, then it was followed by a record.

The lynx of Zemplén treads lightly

The footages about the lynxes living in Zemplén are from 2010, when they were sighted for the first time. Large carnivore expert Ádám Szabó has been observing and following its path since then. “The hunters reported by the end of April that they saw a lynx in Zemplén. Then I gathered the camera trap records, and the video confirmed that the animal is wandering in the tracks in its forest habitat safe and sound”, the expert shared his information with WWF.

It is a joyful return as the number specimens of both lynxes and wolves is between 10 and 20 in the Northern Hungarian Mountains. The indigenous carnivores are not just proud rulers of the forests, but they play a vital role in the cohabitation relationships. The behavior of the herbivores changes in the presence of predators, theirs numbers decrease to the natural level, which enables the forest to renew.

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Source: NLCafé.hu

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