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The Hungarian online newspaper Azonnali visited Skopje, Macedonia this week and managed to ask PM Zoran Zaev about the Gruevski case after his speech at FON University on Thursday.

Key points from the Azonnali interview:

  •  Macedonian government haven’t received a formal answer from Hungary about the extradition of Mr. Gruevski yet, but Macedonian and Hungarian FM had a meeting.
  • Mr. Zaev hopes they don’t have to wait too much for Mr. Gruevski’s extradition.
  • He also said, that Macedonian citizens want Hungary – as an EU and NATO member – to show the importance of the rule of law for candidate countries
  • Mr. Zaev doesn’t want to destroy the realtionship between Macedonia and Hungary, it is more important than the conflict about the Gruevski case

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English language video interview is embeddable from Azonnali YouTube  channel: 

Get more details in the original article in Hungarian:

Source: Azonnali

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