The dates 1066, 1314 and 1953 are highly significant in the annals of English history. Each one signals a significant setback for the English against foreign opposition. It was 1066 that William the Conqueror defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. In 1314 the Scots faced down the English at the Battle of Bannockburn sparking a huge surge in ‘Remember Bannockburn’ flag sales north of the border several centuries later. The final ignominy suffered by the English against foreign opposition in 1953, however, was perhaps the most painful to bear.

In 1953 that the then little known Magnificent Magyars wandered on to the hallowed turf of Wembley Stadium, the iconic home of English football, and defeat the Three Lions 6-3; it was the first time in the history that a non-British team had vanquished the national team on home soil.

Where Ferenc Puskas led in terms of creativity and physical bravery, the Hungarian nation was bound to follow. Little wonder that within three years the proud Hungarians had stood alone against the might of the Soviet Empire.

Perhaps it is that pioneering history and independence of spirit that has led Hungarians today in to the vanguard of the expanding world of online gaming. Few European nations have embraced the world of sports betting and casino gaming quite like the Magnificent Magyars. This unique spirit appears to be a key driver in the Hungarians’ determination to embrace the brave new world of remote gambling.

While horse race betting and card games have traditionally been the mainstay in Hungarian wagering, there is a huge appetite in this small but proud Central European nation to broaden their virtual gaming and casino horizons. Alert to this thirst for gambling glory William Hill the sports betting company has led the way in to the Hungarian betting market, offering expanded services in the local language. The average Hungarian punter can now sample the delights of live in-play betting for such exotic offerings as international cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport and much more.

The unprecedented advance of the wired betting business is a resounding validation of Hungary’s belief in the choice of the individual and its proclivity for personal freedom. Just as the Hungarians showed their determination to turn the footballing world on its head and exercise their right to vote, the same Magyar spirit has led the way in to push the frontiers of commercial autonomy.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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