writes that more than a third (36%) of the Hungarian 18-36 age group, in other words, the Y generation, have their own homes, which were obtained with parental help in the 63% pct of the cases. Even though this generation spends more than the average and 44% still live with their parents, 2/3 say that they live spending their own salary, without parental help.

They spend more

Y generation households tend to live higher than older generations, they spend 30 thousand forints more each month than the average. At the same time, they have savings on a higher rate (41%). The majority of their expenses are spent on home maintenance (41,300 Ft), shopping (31,400 Ft), while they spend the least on clothing (12,800 Ft) and entertainment (10,200 Ft), but still more than average on these latter two. Similarly to the residential average, 10% says that they went on tick in the last quarter, they spend 30 thousand forints credit redemption on average.

They would feel financial safety if there was more than one million forints on their bank accounts, two millions would signify peaceful days by the age of 40, while this would be three million in their 50s.

They live with their parents and marry later

The survey also highlighted that more than a third of the generation (37%) live alone. Compared to the change of regime, marriage shifted with 8 years and only 8% of today’s youth lives in a marital relationship.

82% of adults under the age of 35 don’t have kids, although 77% definitely would like to have. The numbers also tell us that while the average age of women at the time of the birth of their first child was 23, this is number is higher than 28 in today’s generation.

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