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The first maks wearin yellow tram in Hungary, Budapest Source:

In order to protect the health of Hungary’s citizens, it has been compulsory to wear a mask or equivalent on public transportation since the end of March this year, and as Viktor Orbán recently said, the second wave of the novel coronavirus is “knocking on our doorstep”. From September 1, 2020, the Hungarian borders will be closed again, and other measures may be put in place to slow down the virus.

People who use public transportation in Budapest might know that

it is compulsory to wear a mask or a scarf that conceals your mouth and nose while you are using the vehicles of BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport).

There are posters about it around the city, and every now and then, they remind you to use such protective devices through the loudspeakers on public transportation.

According to Szeretlek Magyarország, the transportation company will make their popular and iconic vehicles wear masks too. With this funny promotion, they want to draw the attention of people to the importance of wearing protective equipment to slow down the virus and, more directly, to protect their staff.

Meg kell egy kicsit nevelnünk még a villamosainkat 😃, mert egyelőre csak az egyik visel maszkot 😷 de hamarosan követi még néhány 🚋 Ti már találkoztatok vele? 🙋‍♂️

Közzétette: BKK – Budapesti Közlekedési Központ – 2020. augusztus 29., szombat

As BKK said in their Facebook post, “we need to behave our trams as currently, only one is wearing a mask, but soon the others will follow suit as well”.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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