The forecast proved to be true, the heavy rain makes it incredibly dangerous for Zsolt Török to continue his climbing, reports

The Transylvanian mountaineer was set to climb Annapurna with a Romanian expedition, the most dangerous eight thousander of the world. The peak attack was scheduled for the beginning of May, after 3 weeks of acclimatisation. Török said to Origo before that the mount is not as dangerous as it seems, the title is only based on the “death toll”. Hungarian climber has never reached the top yet.

The expedition went well until 3 day ago all contact was lost with Török. Finally on Wednesday was he reached, Cristian Tzecu had a phone call with him. He was already on his way down from the mountain in the company of the chef and the sherpas.

His wife said that the massive rainfall in the region endangered the whole expedition. According to her, Török is now going to Kathmandu to finish the paperwork concerning the expedition to be able to finally fly home.

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