Budapest (MTI) – The mayor of Budapest is representing Russian interests rather than those of the city’s residents when it comes to upgrading tender of metro 3 trains, a board member of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Saturday.
Erzsebet Gy Nemeth responded to the Budapest Public Transport Company’s recent announcement that Russia’s Metrowagonmash has won a tender to renovate 37 trains, extending their guaranteed lifespan by 25 years, at a cost of 219.1 million euros.Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos gave priority to the business interests of ruling Fidesz over those of Budapest residents, Nemeth told MTI, adding that the Russian firm’s Estonian rival had made a more favourable bid.

The city of Budapest is taking out a 60 billion forint (EUR 192m) loan to cover part of the costs, and will pay interest totalling 15 billion forints, she said.

“The mayor has rolled the red carpet out for Fidesz corruption in the city,” she said.


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