Mircea Dușa, Minister of Defense initiated a bill, according to which mayors, who refuse to wear the tricolor strip at official occasions, will lose their mandate. Currently the fine for refusing to wear the strip is 2500-5000 Romanian lei, and that is not enough according to the Minister of Defense.

„Since there were occasions when some authorities or public institutions did not respect the law in this regard, but they have opted to pay the fine, it is proof that the fine itself is not enough to improve their behavior. Therefore suitable retortion is necessary, that can result in mayors losing their mandate.”- declared Dușa.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mikoimre3szek

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  1. Romania keeps degressing. Pretty soon it will be in the year 800. I feel bad for the more progressive Romanians who are advanced, educated and cultured who have to be weighed down by cro-magnons

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