McDonald’s realized there are people who haven’t been conquered yet. They’re the gluten-intolerant, who can eat hamburgers from Thursday, said.

Gluten-free double cheeseburgers are sold in 11 restaurants, which means three Budapest and six provincial towns. The timing of the announcement is not something accidental, since the International Day of Coeliac disease is May 16.

The gluten-free double cheeseburger is in no way different from the plain version, apart from the roll and of course, the price. It contains 572 kcal that is still nearly 110 more than the traditional version. The price is HUF 970-1020, the traditional version costs around HUF 600. tested the new product, and they think it is too artificial. The roll is like rubber, the sesame seeds are like they were made of plastic, and the inside of the roll is unnaturally white. So they decided to stay with the traditional version.

Other good news is that there will be lactose-free milk and almond drink in McCafes. However, while lactose-free milk will be free, almond drink will cost HUF 150, because of the relatively high price of the product.

Raspberry cake will probably be the most interesting food which doesn’t contain gluten, lactose and added sugar. The development has started a year ago. The cake is not too sweet, the raspberry on the top harmonizes well with the chocolate, and one slice can be enough. It will be available for HUF 880-890.

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