The two men who saved rally racers in a local race in Hungary have been identified. They are now receiving praises on Facebook.

As pointed out, the men who turned out to be the saviours of car racers András Neukirchner and Kata Pardi are regarded as heroes after having been identified on Facebook.

The men helped save the lives of the two racers after their car crashed into a tree next to the racetrack and was immediately engulfed in flames. The pilot himself was able to drag himself out of the burning vehicle but collapsed right next to it. As such, he was unable to help his navigator.

That was when Erik Novák and Antal Kucsera have come to the rescue. 

They rushed from the stands to help both the pilot and the navigator and managed to get them to safety. Throughout the “evacuation process”, they got the navigator out of the burning car with their bare hands.

The two men were assisted by a “team” of five people: a fiancée called the ambulance, a brother-in-law dragged the bodies away from the scene and a father-in-law dashed away to grab his pickaxe which was fortunately not needed. The two racers are now in stable condition in a hospital nearby with their family saying they were “eternally grateful” for the saviours’ actions.

As a commenter pointed out below’s page, 

This is how heroes look like!


Times have been troubled lately in Hungary with accidents happening everywhere: see more about them here and here. 


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