Jobbik MEP Márton Gyöngyösi’s notes on Belarus elections:

Press releaseYou can safely say there are serious concerns about the legitimacy of any election where the outcome needs to be protected by armed forces against the protesting masses. We don’t know how many votes Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko actually got and how many were cast for his challenger. We might never know.

Even if Lukashenko had really won, it would not have been such a great political achievement considering that his opponents were arrested one after another before the election day.

The facts that huge crowds protested last night and the riot police is hitting regular people with batons in the streets of Minsk clearly show that it’s time for Lukashenko to consider stepping down.

Of course, it’s hard for me to give advice as a citizen of a country where the government also tends to interfere with the results of the election and where there is a one-man authoritarian rule being built – albeit in a much more sophisticated way. It’s quite difficult to give advice as the citizen of a country where the previous political leader hardly shied away from using assault helmets and rubber bullets, either.

On the other hand, as a Hungarian citizen and Member of the European Parliament, if I look at European history in the past couple of centuries, I must conclude that peace, freedom and prosperity were never achieved anywhere in our continent against the will of the nation.

In its Declaration of Principles, Jobbik stated that our party respects the freedom of the people and there is no need for any party or leader to tell anyone how to live.

As a Member of the European Parliament, I strive for civil rights and democratic elections to be respected everywhere in the European Union, including Hungary, as well as in all states, including Belarus, that seek economic or political relations with the EU.

We will soon see if Orbán’s “fatal touch” curse strikes again, meaning that Lukashenko, just like several other politicians before him, falls after shaking hands with Orbán.

I am with the people.

Source: Jobbik – Press release

  1. Lukašenko….since 1994 the de facto dictator of a country that, according to the king of Orbananas, should be accepted by the EU as key partner and future member…. how wonderful.

  2. Jobbik, Please go away and sit in the corner, once again just another excuse to bash Orban. The internal affairs of Belarus are NONE of your business. You have nothing to say and that is why your party is NOT in power thankfully. Orban and Fidesz are doing a good job for Hungary and the voters sent that message the last few election cycles. ARE YOU NOT LISTENING? Your tired old ideas are not wanted.

  3. Orban is a true Hungarian patriot and a visionary. Jobbik is just a mouth piece of Soros and left wing nut jobs . You have no idea how to run a government or a society. Long live Victor Orban and Fidesz.

  4. Before politicians call an election fraudulent please get some evidence first.
    Just because there were demonstrations does not mean it was fraudulent. It is common for the Left to refuse to accept results.
    The Left did not accept the Brexit referendum, the Scottish referendum, Trumps 2016 election.
    In fact even after 3 years of investigations into Trumos win there was not a shred of evidence to show any fraud. Evidence please!

  5. #Bruce: The Brexit referendum results have been extensively analysed. There was no outright division of left/right, in 2016 many Brexiteers were Labour voters (as evidenced by strong voting for Brexit in working class areas) and many traditionally Conservative voters voted remain. You should do your research before making such sweeping, inaccurate statements. If anything, it was the Labour (left wing) vote that tipped the result into the very small Leave precentage that prevailed.

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