Budapest, September 13 (MTI) – The quota system to distribute migrants among European Union countries is not a feasible or realistic solution to the problem, Norbert Toth, an expert on international law, told Kossuth radio.

The quota system would “dehumanise masses of people”, taking away their human dignity, by reducing them to mere numbers, Toth, a professor at the National Public Services University, told the radio on Sunday.

The Geneva Convention of 1951 states that refugees have obligations as well as rights, they must respect the laws and customs of the countries where they reside, Toth noted. In the past few days refugees have acted in opposition to Hungarian and international laws and they also breeched the basic rules of living side by side, he said, citing walking on highways and refusing cooperation with authorities as examples.

Political analyst Zoltan Kiszelly, who was another guest on the radio programme, said human smugglers help migrants by offering them information on the country they are targeting and how they can circumvent laws.

Photo: MTI


  1. Ok. Therefore the best solution is just not let them stay. Thus the situation is solved! Shame on you! Shame on Hungary!

  2. Vaguer shame on you. Start putting up those asylum seekers in your house. Offer them shelter, food and try to accommodate them. Now look what Hungary had to deal with. Asylum seekers ungrateful of what was being providing, not respecting the laws of the country, not co-operating and not providing proper documentation, demanding from Hungary expediency, better lodging, better transportation, throwing food away. A bunch of disrespecting malcontents who despise anyone and everyone.

  3. @Vagner Rodrigues: Are you from Mars? The migrants invading Hungary don’t want to stay there. They use Hungary as a transit country as Illegal bypassers, leaving tons of garbage and shit on their way.. Throwing food en drinks they got from the police on the railway.Their goal is the holy land of Germany, and other West-European countries.

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