Iceland, New Zealand, and Rwanda are the three countries where people accept migrants the most gladly, according to Gallup’s recent survey. On the bottom of the list Macedonia, Montenegro, and Hungary can be found, according to

Gallup published a poll in which they measured each country’s Migrant Acceptance Index. The questionnaire focused on three main questions: is it a positive or a negative thing when a migrant comes to your country, would you like a migrant to become your neighbor, and would you like it if one of your family members married a migrant.

After the two top welcoming countries, Iceland and New Zealand, three African countries follow, namely Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Mali. Australia is far behind its New Zealander neighbor as it ranks the 6th on this list. It is followed by the Northern European Sweden, the African Nigeria, and Burkina Faso, and the tenth place goes to Ireland. Two of these countries (Sweden and Ireland) were heavily affected by the recent migration wave from the Middle East.

Interesting to note that nine of the ten least welcoming countries are the former Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact countries (Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Croatia). Many of them are located along the route that Middle Eastern refugees were taking to get from Greece to Western Europe. The only exception from this is Israel, which ranks 6th from the bottom. Still, it is understandable that a country with so many conflicts with its neighbors is a little bit more isolative.

The attitude towards migrants in slightly more positive than negative: 54 percent of respondents said that it is good to have migrants in your country, 50 percent said that they are optimistic about having a migrant as a neighbor, and 44 percent were accepting towards having a relative married to a migrant.

77 countries score above the world average, while 61 scores below.

Education seems to be a decisive factor in acceptance, as people with high school or college degrees seem to be more optimistic about immigrants. There is also a tendency that younger residents have proven to be more accepting than the older generations. It can also be observed that the dwellers of cities and bigger towns are more welcoming than people from the rural areas.

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  1. This is such a stupid and ridiculous survey that i don’t really know where to start. He goes, all you need to do is follow the link back to where this story came from and the boys are doing a fine job of slamming exactly the source i’m writing about.

    This had to have been written by some NGO group again. Also note, the top 5 winners of the best places that accepts migrants (not illegal ones). No migrant wish to go to these places as there’s nothing for them there. As for the former soviet states, they were just used as a place to trample through, and after that mess up close, nobody wanted this camel smelling trash either. None of them wanted to stay either, just pass through and cause a stink like they know how to do back where they came from.

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