Budapest, September 3 (MTI) – A group of migrants were forced to get off a train travelling westward from Budapest in Nagyszentjanos, in western Hungary, on Thursday afternoon.

The local MTI correspondent reported that after the migrants disembarked, they were asked to board buses heading to the city of Gyor. They were told that their details would be registered in Gyor, after which they would be forwarded to a reception centre in Vamosszabadi.

A group of 20-30 people, most of them men, refused to get on the bus, sat down and chanted “We want to go to Wien”. They said they held the necessary documents and did not understand why police would want to check them. Police surrounded the group and tried to convince them, with the help of an interpreter, to get on the bus.

Two buses waited at the site and around 40 police arrived in more than 10 vehicles.

Photo: MTI

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