The Ministry of Agriculture published a legislation naming the nine indigenous Hungarian dog breeds on 16 September 2016, wrote.

According to the legislation, the following dog breeds will be recognised as indigenous Hungarian dog breeds:
• Wire-haired Pointing Dog (in Hungarian: drótszőrű magyar vizsla)
• Transylvanian Hound (Erdélyi kopó)
• Komondor
• Kuvasz
• Hungarian Greyhound (magyar agár)
• Mudi
• Puli
• Pumi
• Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog (rövidszőrű magyar vizsla)

At the end of August, the Ministry of Agriculture said the programme they had created would maintain a gene bank for indigenous Hungarian dog breeds and ensure the preservation and development of their typical characteristics. Furthermore, they will also assist to their long-term breeding at the national breeding centres, they said.

Zsolt V. Németh, Secretary of State of the ministry, said that the organisation and creation of the national gene banks aimed at preserving the characteristics of the nine dog breeds had already started, and that the ministry had already prepared the necessary legislative and organisational developments and decided which national park would be responsible for which indigenous Hungarian dog breed.

translated by Gábor Hajnal


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