The public bicycle system of Budapest, the so-called Bubi, is scheduled to start during next spring. The first bicycles have been introduced by Mayor István Tarlós and MOL Chairman-CEO Zsolt Hernádi. The costs of the project, realized with the financial support of the EU, have reached one billion forints.

Bicycle traffic in Budapest has grown almost five times larger than it was in 1994. By replacing car traffic with this means, it is possible to reduce traffic jams, improve air-quality, and a lifestyle of regular daily biking, as exercise, will contribute to the preservation of health, said István Tarlós. He has also emphasized that the main aim of the City of Budapest is to improve transport culture, however “it is important not to obstruct other travellers with unreasonable bicycle-related developments”.

Through the support for the Bubi project, the aim of MOL is to raise awareness, promote sustainability, fostering a new social model based on positive thinking, said Zsolt Hernádi. The Chairman and CEO has reminded that since 2011, 125 gas stations have been transformed into bicycle-friendly, and more service-stations have been created in order to facilitate biking.

The Bubi system will start in April 2014 with 75 docking stations and 1100 bicycles. Bicycles may be picked up and drop off at any of the stations.

Photo: Zsuzsanna Siko


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