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Budapest, July 20 (MTI) – The ratio of women in regular employment has been increasing in Hungary thanks to the government’s family support measures, a state secretary at the human resources ministry told public television on Wednesday.

Measures implemented since January this year include redesigning the nursery system to provide care for children in family operated nurseries and in the workplace, Katalin Novák told news channel M1.

The government has also introduced a scheme to support employers, who are entitled to a refund of the costs of setting up or operating a nursery at their premises, she said.

Hungary currently spends 4.7 percent of its GDP on supporting families, a ratio much higher than the OECD average of 2.4 percent, she said.

Central spending on family benefits will have increased by 50 percent by 2017, Novák added.

She said the government plans to further help families, mainly women, by ensuring part-time employment, teleworking and flexible worktime schedules, she said.

Source: MTI

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