This year the country-wide mosquito control program will start on June 1 – reported faktor.hu. The execution will begin in Szigetköz and around Lake Tisza, since this is where most of the blood-suckers come from.

Due to the rainy weather of the last few weeks, mosquitoes started to develop in many places. Szigetköz is already invaded by them, therefore, mosquito control will take place near Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr from June 1 on. The problem will be handled both in the air and on the ground, while the biological control of the larvae will also be started in the habitats. The mosquito control will also begin in the touristic regions, it will take place first in the region of Lake Tisza.

The central mosquito control program is directed by the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, the actual weekly schedule of mosquito control is available on the Disaster Management’s website since May 30.

Kisalfold.hu reports that the situation in Szigetköz is more than devastating. “Last Thursday it was still alright, but on Friday the number of mosquitoes suddenly increased. “I have not experienced anything like this for a long time, that being outside is so troublesome even at 7:00 in the morning, but absolutely impossible during the day” – said Géza Marovics, mayor of Dunaremete. He remembers that last year mosquitoes caused less harm for lack of the inundation, and the Disaster Management also took care of mosquito control country-wide.

In addition to the central program, local governments can also exterminate the blood-suckers independently, moreover, they can still report to the Disaster Management’s county customer services if there are too many mosquitoes in their region. Experts keep measuring the number of mosquitoes, and mosquito control is executed based on these data.

Disaster Management pays great attention to the proper information of the bee-keepers, since it is important that they learn of the time and place of the control due to their animals’ protection. The air control happens in the evenings, while on ground it begins at sunsets. This is the most efficient way of the extermination which means the least harm for the bees. The Office of the Chief Medical Officer permits chemicals that are absolutely harmless for humans, pets and all warm-blooded beings – major fireman Dániel Mukics announced, who is the deputy spokesman of Disaster Management.

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Source: faktor.hu, kisalfold.hu

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