The Socialist Party (MSZP) and the E14-PM electoral alliance presented their individual candidates running in Budapest’s constituencies in next year’s parliamentary elections.

The Socialists will field candidates in 11, while E14-PM will have candidates in 7 constituencies.

Mesterházy Attila; Bajnai Gordon; Molnár Zsolt

On the picture

First line, left to riht: Csaba Molnár, the head of the Socialist Party of Budapest, Attila Mesterhazy, the Socialist party leader and Gordon Bajnai, head of the E14-PM alliance

Second line, left to riht: László Kiss(10th constituency), Péter Kiss (11th constituency), Eszter Móricz (12th constituency), Bence Tordai (13rd constituency), Károly Lukoczki (14th constituency), Gábor Simon (15 th constituency), István Hiller (16th constituency), Szabolcs Szabó (17th constituency) és Ágnes Somfai (18th constituency).

Third line, left to riht: Péter Juhász (1st constituency), István Józsa (2nd), Tímea Szabó (3rd constituency), Zsuzsanna Szelényi (4th constituency), Olivio Kocsis-Cake (5th constituency), Tibor Pál (6th constituency), Dezső Hiszékeny (7th constituency), Csaba Tóth (8th constituency) és Sándor Burány (9th constituency).

Photo: MTI – Illyés Tibor


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