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Winter and cold weather might be fast approaching, but life does not stop in Hungary. Just because it gets dark earlier and it is not so pleasant to spend long periods of time outside anymore, Budapest and many other Hungarian cities offer a great variety of programmes that can help you forget about work stress or the winter blues.

Nightwish – Decades – November 20th, 8 pm

Finnish band Nightwish got together back in 1996 and have since become one of the biggest symphonic metal bands in the world. With their concert tour entitled Decades, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. The tour has 34 stops and the band plays their most well-known songs as well as some of their very early songs with a spin to them, so it will be a unique experience for both new and long-time fans. In fact, some of the songs performed during this tour are specifically for this occasion and will never be performed live again.

More information here.

Scandinavian Film Festival – November 22nd-28th

Lovers of Scandinavian cinema do not want to miss out on these screenings. You can watch Lars von Trier’s newest psycho-thriller, The House That Jack Built, but there will be programmes appropriate for the younger generation as well. Although the films are mostly in their original language, English subtitles are provided.

Tickets can be purchased on location, check out the full programme here.

Thanksgiving BBQ turkey dinner – November 22nd


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This Thursday, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their famous turkey meal. If you are far from home this year or are just curious about what a Thanksgiving meal looks (and tastes!) like, the Budapest Barbecue Company offers the chance to satisfy your curiosity this year. After the main course, you can even try the real American treat, a slice of pumpkin pie.

Hamburger Wonders 1.0 – November 23rd, Szeged

Lovers of hamburgers will be delighted at the news that on Friday, they can try a variety of hamburgers in the marvellous city of Szeged. You will have the option to try lamb, beef or pullet burgers, with camembert, goat cheese, figs and other delicious ingredients. Check out the Facebook event here.

Total Dance Festival Best of the 1990s and 2000s

This grandiose event promises an unforgettable walk down memory lane. You can dance through the night to hits of the past decades by bands like 2Unlimited or Basshunter, along with some Hungarian favourites, too. There are some tickets left and you can buy some on location, just before the event starts, too. For more information, click here, and listen to this in the meantime to get in the mood.

Füred Gastro 2018 – November 24-25th

You can spend the last weekend of November getting lost in the gastronomy of the area around Lake Balaton. The best restaurants, confectionaries and vineyards offer a taste of the specialities and the rich culture of this fine region of Hungary. If you need a break between two bites, there will be a fair as well as concerts and theatrical performances all day long.

More information here.

Romeo and Juliet – Pécs Ballet Company, November 25th, 5 pm

You can witness a true classic by the Pécs Ballet Company this Sunday. The talented dancers and the elegant choreography beautifully portrays the well-known story. If you want to experience what a Hungarian theatre experience is like but the language barrier stopped you until now, this ballet performance is the perfect choice for you.

Check out the trailer here:

Click here for tickets.

Also, do not forget about the free concert of Sting and Shaggy that we wrote about earlier. Also, make sure to check out what programmes the Christmas Market in Vörösmarty Square offers.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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