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The government’s next national consultation, a survey of Hungarians on immigration and the mandatory relocation of refugees, is expected to contain seven questions, state secretary Csaba Dömötör said on public radio on Sunday.

The survey, to start early in October, will touch on the relocation of a million migrants as well as proposals on border closures, Dömötör said on Kossuth Radio. It will also touch on the plan to give each migrant 9 million forints (EUR 30,000) of state support, he added.

The survey can be filled out online or on paper and returned by post.

Dömötör noted that the billionaire businessman George Soros had published a plan in September of 2015 that proposed Europe taking in one million refugees a year.

This “inspired” EU decision-makers who prepared a proposal on relocation without any limit already in 2016. The proposal also contained sanctions for those countries that would not participate in the scheme, he added.

Every migrant in Germany costs the German taxpayer the equivalent of 770,000 forints a month, according to government sources, he said. Brussels wants to spread these material and other burdens as well as the risks among member states, he added.

He said a difference has to be made between refugees and economic migrants.

Hungary offers assistance to all refugees who are persecuted, but the statistics show that a large part of those arriving in Europe are economic migrants, who not infrequently pose as refugees by presenting forged documents, he added.

Source: MTI

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