A new bridge will be built over the river Danube in southern Budapest, the Centre of Key Government Investments (KKBK) said on Friday.

The bridge, which will have three lanes in each direction, will connect the first section of the M1 and M7 motorways on the Buda side of the city with the Pest side up until Jászberenyi Road through the Danube island of Csepel, KKBK said in a statement.

Tenders have been invited for the project for which 17 Hungarian and international companies have submitted bids. A further five bidders will be allowed to submit bids following a pre-assessment round. The winning tender will be selected next year.

The new bridge will reduce the stress on Budapest’s existing bridges by 42,000 vehicles a day and on Üllői road by 8,000 vehicles a day, KKBK said.

Photo: csepel.info

Source: MTI

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