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In the first quarter of 2018, more than 70,000 travellers used the services of the Debrecen Airport. The airport in Eastern Hungary is the most rapidly developing one in the entire country. This was the best three months in its history so far, and the management expects additional growth in the near future, according to Forbes.hu

26,110 people travelled from or to Debrecen in March by plane, which means a significant step forward for the most dynamic airport of Hungary. This month concluded the best March and the best first quarter traffic of all time for Debrecen Airport. A new flight is about to be introduced to fulfil the demand of tourists planning to go to Eastern Hungary.

Besides the frequently flying German charters in the summer season, the number of flights to Turkey is increased to two per week. Zakynthos in Greece, Burgas in Bulgaria and Hurghada in Egypt will also be included in the schedule.

The greatest attraction of this summer is expected to be the flight to the Catalan capital, Barcelona.

This Mediterranean city will be accessible by air from Debrecen Airport between mid-June and late September. The company advises its customers to book the tickets weeks before the departure as seats may sell out quite early due to the high demand. Last minute offers are not likely to appear.

Wizz Air, which has the highest transporting capacity among Debrecen Airport’s partners, will initiate 9-10 flights a week to London during the summer season. Moreover, Eindhoven will also be accessible by plane during the summer school break. Lufthansa’s planes are travelling five times a week since the end of March.

Debrecen Airport also expects a busy traffic from and to Tel-Aviv and Moscow as well, thanks to Wizz Air’s flights.

The airport, which received a handsome amount of financial support last year, is not only successful in the air, but also on the ground. They will host the region’s most important airport run, for which more than 1,500 people signed up already. The second Wizz Air Debrecen Airport Run aims to teach visitors about healthy lifestyle and to motivate every sport loving person to participate in the Run Fly plan by running a reasonable distance and bring their friends and family along.

Photo: Facebook.com/debrecenairport

Source: Forbes.hu

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