New highway sections have been added to the free-list, but more of them will be removed next year according to the Minister of National Development Regulation Change, said.

You do not have to pay for the use of the following highways:

M0 highways
the section between Highway 1 and the Highway M5
the section between Highway M4 (highway No.4 signal) and Highway M3
the section between Highways 2 and 11
the Highway M31
the section between the Mako junction and the border of Highway M43
the southwestern bypass section at Pecs of  Highway M60 between No. 58 and 5826
the Highway M85
the Highway M86
the Highway M8
the section of Highway M9 between the main roads No. 6 and 51
the section of M9 bypassing Kaposvar (main road No. 61)

From January 1, however, the section of Highways M85 and M43 between the Mako junction and the border will be removed; the regulation puts Highway M85 to the pay-list.

The Minister of National Development amended the previous regulation – the recent legislation has been published in Official Gazette and effective from Saturday. The fee exemption applies only to the e-vignette system. In the HU-GO electronic system, the said sections are subjects to charges.

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