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Within the framework of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, the Hungarian historical drama, Sunset directed by László Nemes Jeles won the France Culture prize.

The award was founded in 2015, represented by 600 French students who were asked to decide among the best 5 works that had been already selected by a professional jury. According to the students, the most appealing features that amazed them were the artistic quality of the movie, the illumination, and the centralised position of the vulnerable protagonist.

Moreover, the irrationality and mysteriousness of the main character raises some personal, civilization-related problems which are actual nowadays.

As the Hungarian news portal Origo describes, László Nemes Jeles gave thanks for the acknowledgement in a voice message. He expressed how honoured he felt to have won this award due to the appreciation of the young generation.

He added that this work requires a different point of view, by which the viewer is taken into a „personal labyrinth”. He also considered of importance to generate thoughts and preserve them in the viewer’s mind.

The prize was handed over to Clara Royer, co-writer who was indescribably grateful for the award, as this was the point when her tutorial path as a university professor coincided with her film career.

„Today I heard the most beautiful critic about the film.”- she said.

Napszállta film

The film was set in Budapest before World War I, starring Juli Jakab (Írisz Leiter) and Vlad Ivanov (Oszkár Brill). The Hungarian National Film Fund supported the production, and Gabor Sipos and Gabor Rajna produced the project through Laokoon Filmgroup. It premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival where it was chosen as ‘The best movie’ by the international film critic association, FIPRESCI. In France, it is available in the cinemas since March.

Sunset was co-written by László Nemes Jeles, Clara Royer and Matthieu Taponier. The film crew consists of:

  • Cameraman – Mátyás Erdély;
  • Composer – László Melis;
  • Sound designer – Tamás Zányi;
  • Casting director – Éva Zabezsinszkij;
  • Production designer – László Rajk;
  • Costume designer – Györgyi Szakács.


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