Sunset movie success
Velence, 2018. szeptember 3. Nemes Jeles László rendezõ, Jakab Juli magyar és Vlad Ivanov román színész (b-j) a Napszállta címû filmjük bemutatója elõtti fotózáson a 75. Velencei Filmfesztiválon 2018. szeptember 3-án. (MTI/AP/Invision/Joel C Ryan)

Sunset, a film by director László Nemes Jeles, was awarded the prize of the international federation of film critics (FIPRESCI) at the 75th Venice film festival on Friday.

Sunset was the first Hungarian film in 24 years invited to the prestigious festival, the Hungarian Film Fund said.

The film made with an international cast of professional and amateur actors tells the story of a young Hungarian girl who investigates the fate of her family and the Budapest family shop circa 1913.

Nemes Jeles has worked with much of the crew from Son of Saul, for which he had won the Oscar prize in 2016, the statement said.

The Hungarian Film Fund supported production with a 1.59 billion forint (EUR 4.8m) grant.

Even before its world premiere, distributors from nearly 70 countries bought the film, the statement said.

Sunset will be premiered in Hungarian cinemas on Sept. 27.

Featured image: MTI/AP

Source: MTI

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