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As we reported before, Academy Award winner László Nemes-Jeles’s new movie titled Sunset was on the way. The shooting started in the summer and lasted for 53 days. The film’s premiere will be in summer 2018. According to, American magazine Variety anticipates – among others – this Hungarian movie most.

Academy Award winner Nemes-Jeles’s Sunset in the elite

To start with, Variety published a list of the most awaited movie releases in 2018. Interestingly,

Nemes-Jeles’s new movie can be found among Steven Spielberg’s, Jennifer Lawrence’s and Damien Chazelle’s new films.

Chazelle is the director of La La Land.

According to Variety’s film reviewer Alissa Simon, “after galvanizing Cannes and going on to win the foreign language Oscar with his debut Son Of Saul, Hungarian director Laszló Nemes set a high bar for his second feature. Although not much is known about Sunset, the clues look promising. It is another period piece, set in pre-WWI Budapest. And important ‘Saul’ collaborators such as co-writer Clara Royer, DP Mátyás Erdély and producers Gábor Rajna and Gábor Sipos are on board.”

We already know a bit more about the movie

For example, leading actress will be Juli Jakab playing Írisz Leiter who grew up in an orphanage. Later she arrives in Budapest hoping that she will be able to work in her parents’ legendary salon. However, the new owner Oszkár Brill (Vlad Ivanov) rejects her application. Írisz learns from a stranger that she has a brother named Kálmán. Thus, she begins searching for her family but doing so

she discovers a dark secret.

Academy Award
Leading actress Juli Jakab who plays Írisz Leiter. Photo: Erdély Mátyás

As we reported before, the shooting of the film lasted 53 days in Budapest and the country. According to the plans, the Hungarian premiere will be this summer.

Variety anticipates movies like Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One or Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller Red Sparrow. Interestingly,

the latter was shot in Budapest, as well.

Among others, Variety expects Terry Gilliam’s latest Don Quijote movie and Wes Andreson’s new animation movie Isle of Dogs. Also, Alfonso Cuarón’s long-awaited drama, Roma and Disney’s new youth movie, A Wrinkle in Time starring Oprah Winfrey are on the list too.

Second biggest fund ever given to a Hungarian movie

As we reported before, the Hungarian National Film Fund supported Sunset with around 4.9 million Euros. In fact, this is the second biggest fund ever given to a Hungarian movie.

We wrote then that Sunset is

the story of a young woman in the Budapest of the 1910s.

It is the story of how a girl becomes a woman at the sunset of Europe, before WWI. “We have been working on this movie plan for many years with my colleagues. We have been preparing the shooting for months with happiness and excitement. The film

will recall the life in the heydays of Budapest.

It is an honour for me that I can work with the same professionals, with whom I worked in Son of Saul. Sunset is going to be a very different movie, but similarly original and innovative. We are facing great challenges” – said the director then.

Photo: Erdély Mátyás


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