It’s only been two weeks since Jennifer Lawrence arrived to Hungary to shoot spy thriller Red Sparrow, but more photos have been taken of her than of Ryan Gosling all together during his five-month stay. Meanwhile, another movie is also in the making in Budapest, with Jamie Foxx. writes that the newest photo of the Academy Award winner actress was published on Wednesday morning. She’s standing near a Range Rover with a Hungarian registration plate while trying to protect her dog called Pippi from the ringing frost. The photo was taken by one of Blikk’s photographers, you can check it out here.

Movies to be shot in Budapest in 2017

Red Sparrow’s cast has been shooting in the neighbourhood of the Opera House and Heroes’ Square. It is believed that the photos, where the actress is wearing a practical ushanka and is walking by the side of director Francis Lawrence, were taken there. Some people even noticed that she was wearing a black coat made for her previous movie, Passengers.


Many people missed Jennifer Lawrence from the Golden Globes, which is completely understandable concerning that she has been nominated three times in the last four years, and she has won all three awards: in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, in 2014 for American Hustle, and last year for Joy. writes that there’s another celebrity in Budapest. Jamie Foxx posted a photo at Thursday dawn that he had landed in Hungary. However, he probably arrived earlier, as he writes in one of his former posts that he’s in Budapest and is shooting Robin Hood among straw bales.


A super ninja just landed in Budapest!…#sleepless promo and shooting #hoodthemovie…living that @jetluxlife #budapest #jetluxlife #ninja come see me @gabunion @troubleman31 @realmonaghan this Friday the 13th! Gettin my black TAKEN on! We trying to be #1 this weekend! ??

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) által közzétett fénykép,

How you feel when you got a hot movie bout to drop on This Friday the 13th!!! Come see ya boi kick major ass in #sleepless @gabunion @troubleman31 @realmonaghan puttin in work!!! Help us make the number 1 movie!!!…coming to you from Budapest on a farm…shooting my next film…. #Hood

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) által közzétett videó,

Photo:, JamieFoxx

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