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Last spring, Hungary’s first and only car safari park opened in Szada, which has now been forced to close. Due to the pandemic situation, the circus of József Richter, the Hungarian National Circus, a world-famous travelling company among circus performers, is forced to camp here, as well as his brother’s company, the Flórián Richter Circus.

According to Flórián Richter, the summer high season can be a lifesaver for circuses performing in the countryside. The Richter Circus will perform in Zamárdi while the National Circus in Balatonlelle from July 1, writes Magyar Nemzet.

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Posted by Richter Florian Cirkusz on Sunday, October 25, 2020

Due to the coronavirus, travelling circus companies, including the two mentioned above, spent the entire spring at its winter accommodation last year due to the pandemic and could only perform in the summer. This has led to an exceptionally difficult year for them in an industry that is not very easy to begin with.

Flórián Richter, the head of the company, told it was a great difficulty that the weak summer season was followed by an autumn with additional charges. On top of that, in the springtime, the third wave kept the company in its winter accommodation in Szada again. The head of the company also talked about the fact that they are currently preparing for the summer high season.

He also mentioned that his brother József’s company is struggling with similar problems: the National Circus is also preparing for the summer high season, and they will perform in Balatonlelle from July. Currently, they are also waiting at their accommodation in Szada.

Flórián Richter noted that it is a huge help for them that their children can perform on Fridays and at the weekend in the Capital Circus of Budapest. There are no live spectators here either, for obvious reasons, but the online performances are fortunately followed by many. He also pointed out that the company suffered serious losses not only financially but also professionally. Due to the downtime, professionals and circus technicians left the team, and not everyone has returned.

The head of the company also said that, unfortunately, the Safari Park is no longer operating in Szada because it is not allowed by the municipality. Therefore, the safari will be opened elsewhere, in an area close to Budapest, and they are currently working on it.

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  1. Since January 2020 the use of wild animals in circuses has been banned in the UK – a ban that is long overdue. There is momentum within the EU to also implement such a ban as the use of these animals in this way is both cruel and unnatural. Circuses in Hungary should take note – the tide of public opinion is becoming a tsunami.

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