A new Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) will open in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco, to help small and medium-sized Hungarian enterprises with their advance on the market. The contract was signed on Friday, htcc.org.hu reports.

Morocco will be the fourth African country in the HTCC’s network of offices. Hungary’s so called policy of opening to the south was announced last year, and one of its main destinations is Africa.

“This collaboration allows us to use the network of the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH), and thus Hungarian-Moroccan relations can develop much more dynamically. Morocco is the gateway to Africa, and this collaboration, to which the HTCC lends years of experience, while the MNKH brings its background, can be successful, and it can serve the Hungarian opening to the south very effectively,” said Dr. József Steier, head of the Moroccan HTCC house.

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Photo: htcc.org.hu

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Source: htcc.org.hu

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