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The Chief Public Prosecutor of Budapest accused an Australian tourist with murder. The man brutally killed another tourist in a hostel in Budapest last spring. The victim did not know the murderer. He beat him with his bare hands and kicked him so hard that the victim died of his injuries after two days, according to

The accused went for drinking on 24 March last year. He returned to his accommodation in District VI at dawn on 25 March in an aggressively drunk state. The drunk man behaved loudly and improperly so another guest coming from New Zealand told him to calm down. The two men got into a fight, but there was no physical violence then, as the future victim went to another room. But the accused went after him and called for him. When the other guest stood before him, he pushed him at the chest, then hit him and began to strangle him. The victim fell on the ground. He stood up just to be hit so hard that he fell on the ground again and hit his head into the floor. The drunk man kept on beating the victim — who was already in quite a bad state — until he managed to go and drag himself back to his room.

The offender went to his own room, but he changed his mind after a while and set out to find the victim again. He was entering each room, searching for his victim. He finally found him in the lower part of a bunk bed, under a sheet. He began to shout at him again, then he hung onto the edge of the upper bed and kicked him in the head swinging.

Up until that point none of the hostel’s personnel intervened. It was another guest who ended the horrifying events. The most haunting part of the story is that none seem to have treated the dying victim, as he died in his hostel room’s bed two days later.

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