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Photo: MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

Hungary’s schools will stay closed from Monday in view of efforts against the spread of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video message published on Facebook on Friday night.

From March 16 on, schools will continue education through digital channels, and no personal presence at the school will be required, Orban said. New methodologies will be introduced, proposals for which will be announced by the state secretary for education next week.

The schools will be closed for pupils but the directors will be expected to be present, he said. Teachers will give classes over digital channels, he added.

Orbán promised that secondary school pupils will be able to prepare for their school-leaving exams and the exams will most likely be held in the regular order.

Orbán said small day-care groups could be set up if necessary but it would be preferable for children to stay at home.

Children should not be looked after by grandparents because whereas young people are not in danger by the coronavirus epidemic, their parents and grandparents could get in trouble and possibly in life-threatening condition.

“Let’s protect our parents, let’s protect our grandparents and let’s protect each other,” he said.

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