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New waves of migration must be prevented and migration routes must be closed, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said after meeting Maltese counterpart Evarist Bartolo on Friday.

Szijjártó said the meeting had focused on the pandemic posing a risk of further migrant waves to Europe because in certain African and Asian countries the poor economic conditions and low level of health services could worsen as a result of the novel coronavirus.

The main route of migrants crosses Libya which is a war-torn and unstable country that is unable to stop migration to Europe, he said.

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As a result, Libya’s coast guards must be strengthened with the help of European Union funding and the Visegrád Group countries have offered to contribute 35 million euros, he added.

Bartolo said Libya was protecting a coastline of 1,700 kms with a sole ship and Europe’s protection must not rely on that one ship. It is not a Maltese issue but a European one, he said, and added that economic migrants posed the greatest problem.

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  1. Prospective MUSLIM migrants / ‘refugees’ into Europe should be informed – via ‘social media’ – that there is a shortage of CHICKEN / BEEF and the ONLY meat available to feed these individuals is PORK.

    It would not be too long before the ‘flood’ of these people is reduced to a mere ‘trickle’.

  2. To the Eat*Pork commentator / troll: you keep posting on this website stupid comments full of xenophobic and Islamophobic rants. You insult a large percentage of the world population with your disgusting remarks against Moslems. What is wrong with you? Beside obviously being an ignorant without education, did some Mehmet or Aziz take your wife, or girlfriend? Did your mother run away with some Abdul when you were a child and that caused you a psycho damage? Whichever the reason is, you better seek medical advice, cos I tell you, you are not doing well at all. You are full of hate.

  3. @ *Stop Xeno…*
    I agree with EAT PORK. When the Ottomans came and robbed and occupied the European soil, they took all the Lambs, Beef or OX, and Livestock they could to feed their hordes back home. All they left was the PORK, that Mr Eat above talks about. Now many of the same bunch are back with attitudes that they have a right to move into Europe illegally. Sorry, but Mr. Eat has my vote. Since all you hear is rape from the Muzzy world, why dont you go and read up in history in Europe, specifically the 1550 to 1750 period. You and the rest of the bunch may learn this “i’m entitled to everything in Gods land” is a written crime, in the muzzy book. Oh, and ya the “TAX”, applied to all the infidels, non-muzzies.

  4. Vedo, according to your way of looking at History, we, as Christians, should not be going or travelling anywhere. Unless to you the atrocities committed by Crusaders in the Near East, and by other Christians in America, Asia, Oceania and, especially, in Africa, are fairy-tales. We have no right to lecture Moslems, since we have committed far more horrendous crimes than they ever did. When Christians were burning at stake other Christians ( XV-XVII CC. ) many Christians lived peacefully under Ottoman rule. They were second class citizens, but that did not prevent them from living much safer in Ottoman Balkans than anywhere in the Christian world. When Christian kings expelled all Jews from lands Jewish people had inhabited for centuries, the very same Jews found shelter and benevolence in the Ottoman Empire, where they founded communities which, under Ottoman rule and tolerance, prospered during centuries until German ( Christian ) barbarism destroyed them in a matter of few months.
    The idea that Christians are good and Moslems are bad is just as childish as proofless. Open your mind and heart.

  5. @STOP XENO…
    Looking at history?, Have you really looked? You talk about Crusaders vs Muslims. First of all your way off the wagon. Nobody said anything about GOOD Christians and hating Muslims. I happen to employ and train many of them and have them as friends. So does many in Central Europe. What nobody wants is ISLAM governing rule! The peaceful Muslims put this aside till their radical counterparts come one day will and will hold them over a table with a saber to make a choice too. This is unless their Governance ISLAM changes, highly unlikely.

    we as Christians?, when the hell did i say i was a Christian!

    Atrocities committed by Crusaders?, your again off the wagon. The Crusaders had 2 tiny operations started by the Pope! This is why Christian and Judaism have separated Church and State, they learned. The Muslims and Islam are one to this day, with many even more radical versions appearing. Islam if you really read into it, is NOT compatible with the rest of the world. This is why there are NOGO zone s in many western EU countries, probably coming to an end one way or another soon.

    Here have a look at Crusaders vs JIHAAD today(Please watch this in its entirety);

    and other christians everywhere else? (Colonists), agreed, certain countries such as England, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, sailed, colected slaves and/or colonized other countries such as south america, India. That doesn’t mean that every other country such as central european countries did this, i certainly dont see this of Hungary or Poland. Now those other countries can deal with the given rights to the countries they colonized or enslaved.

    no right to lecture muslims, more horrendous crimes?, refer back to the video on this, please now.

    christians burning at the stake? infidels burn up, OK.

    Peaceful under ottoman rule? please refer again to the video above.

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    The idea christians good and muslims bad is childish and proofless? nobody said the sort. There are good and bad in both.

    Open my mind and heart? You should open your eyes and do better research. Nobody hates anyone, wanting to better themselves or escape tragedy. In this new world, if doing so, you dont kick down walls, make demands of others, make threats, burn things down. The only people supporting this behavior are the ones that want to destabilize a country or world to make gain or profit. Read up on George Schwartz or George Soros.

    I won’t be spending anymore time on this, as i can see the level i’m dealing with. I thought to the best id help explain a little, if somebody wants to really study this history. You’ll see all sides have their dark moments, people can live amongst each other, but some thing have to loosen off, not strangle the neighbours, and the easiest way to strange is to let in large uncontrolled numbers of unknowns people in a short space of time illegally to incite a civil unrest or war.

    All the besty

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