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Hungarian railway company M脕V will reimburse the holders of international tickets who decide to forgo their travels in September due to the government’s recent coronavirus-related restrictions.

In a statement on Saturday, M脕V said it is monitoring the situation closely and will take further measures if necessary.

Return tickets valid after September 30, but belonging to a ticket for a September journey, will also be reimbursed, the statement said.

Travellers can post their reimbursement claims by sending an email to [email protected], at www.mavcsoport.hu/ugyfelszolgalat/uzenetkuldes or at ticket offices, the railway company said.

The Hungarian government announced on Friday that it will close borders to foreigners starting on September 1, re-introducing the border protection measures in force during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

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  1. Principled decision by MAV.
    It can justifiable enhance it’s reputation going forward, hopefully, when we return to a degree of normality in our lifestyle, permitting ALL to travel.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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