The government would deregulate the private student relationship starting with the 2020/21 academic year; instead, the students concerned could request an individualised curriculum in the future, revealed Emmi’s announcement, in which they introduced the new amendment.

They state that it is in everyone’s general interest for children to go to school and get their qualifications; so, instead of homeschooling, they are introducing individualised curricula if the student’s abilities or specific situation require it, and if it is beneficial for the child’s development, academic success and completion of studies, reports Index.

The very same amendment also applies to the case of children with learning difficulties. It corrects the Taygetus Act, previously introduced by the opposition, at the request of the Constitutional Court. The law has received a lot of backlash for taking away the possibility of being exempt from class for children who have difficulties with integration, learning and behaviour.

They are inserting a new notion into the Public Education Act: the developmental pedagogical provision, which is the compulsory occupation of helping children with difficulties to catch up with others and develop their skills. They want the development of the children affected to be achieved by the cooperation between the teacher responsible for catching up and a specialised teacher.

The state register of students’ records is also changing, so “every child and student can receive the necessary development and education in time.”

According to the reasoning, the unified, nationwide server will provide registration tasks that will be transparent and easy to use in children and students’ institutionalised education. The server of the register will take the necessary steps in initiating the procedure to benefit children who are not able to be placed in kindergarten or school.

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