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The five office buildings, which were built in 1970, will be replaced by four new buildings, the visuals of which have now been released.

Thousands of people visit or pass the junction each day as it has a bus station nearby, and Metro line 2 goes right under it, which is used by 150,000 passengers daily. Upgrading the buildings is long overdue, according to 24.

The five buildings were opened at the same time as Metro line 2 was, in 1970. They originally housed the offices of the transportation company, and they were also used as storage for the workers’ uniforms. In 2008, however, the buildings started to go private, and eventually, they were all cleared out.

The government declared the vacant property’s demolition and development as a matter of priority for the national economy in December of 2017. Five days later, the property was purchased by Michael Gagel’s firm, Welt-Stadt Immobilien, which had already bought the parking lot of the office buildings in 2008, reported Zoom.

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The investment will be a joint project of Magyar Építő and ZÁÉV and will cost €22,576,525. The site will host a new, multi-hectare park, the European Soccer League’s event spaces and media centre. Next to it, above the metro station, there will be an office and business centre.

The new build could provide 38-39 square metres of office space, retail, and shops, which will serve passengers passing by as well as visitors of the sports’ centres, offering a couple hundred parking spaces. After the old, vacant office building is demolished, a new five-to-six-storey office and retail building will be erected.

The competition for this was announced last year, and the winner, 3h architecture, released their visual plans for the new build. The expected date when construction will take place has yet to be announced.

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Source: 24.hu

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