György Szabó – frequently called Gyuri bácsi or the füvesember in Hungarian – is a 89-year-old man enjoying good health. What is his secret? He knows everything about natural healing and seems to apply it successfully.

György Szabó was born in Miskolc in 1928. He has not always been involved in natural healing, as he found employment in the book trade at first. Only after he had retired in 1988 did he begin to deal with natural healing. He started to learn about the healing power of medicinal herbs in the 2000s. His talent is not so surprising since a number of his ancestors were wise-women, and the Bükk is one of the curing places of Hungary.

György Szabó enjoying good health even after his 89th birthday
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He delivers around 100 lectures on medicinal herbs and their usage against various diseases a year. After these lectures he is happy to answer the participants’ questions. In addition to these lectures, he also gives advices via the Internet and – since 1991 – in his consulting-room in Bükkszentkereszt. Not only Hungarians but also many foreigners visit him throughout the year. His tea against diabetes is well-known from Australia through Brasil and Sweden to Africa.

According to an anecdote quoted by, he has spent a lot of time in the sun, thus a melanoma has appeared on his face. He went to the doctor who immediately stated he needed operation to get rid of the cancerous blotch and recommended chemotherapy. However, Gyuri bácsi managed to heal himself after three months of treatment.

It is very important to note that herbs in general should not only be used in case of diseases, but they are also useful to keep us healthy. In what follows we list some of Gyuri bácsi‘s advices – what herbs we can use for certain diseases or uncomfortable states of our body.

Scurfy and greasy hair

We need to pour 2 dl of boiling water over 3 gramms of common walnut’s leaf. After ten minutes we can rub it in the freshly washed hair and leave it on for another ten minutes. If we do not wash it after ten minutes, it will make the hair-bulbs work and result in the growing of hair.

Bad sight

We need to make common walnut’s tea and keep greasing the eyes with it or cover them with soaked cotton wool for ten minutes. In the case of glaucoma, we need to keep doing it for a year.

Blood supply of the brain

We need to fill half of a jar with peeled garlic and pour 2 dl of cider vinegar over it. We ripen it for at least a week and grease the two main blood-vessels on the neck from time to time.


During menopause women suffer from the lack of estrogen. We need to mix milfoil tea, alchemilla tea and cassweed tea and drink a cup of it twice a day.


We need to wash an egg and empty it. After we are done with it, we find a thin membrane inside. We need to pull it out and make it dry. After that we can grind it and put a teaspoon of it in our meal.

Skin cancer

We have to mix 3 gramms of common walnut’s leaf, 3 gramms of viscum album and 3 gramms of crimson clover until it becomes a tincture. Then we can keep greasing the cancerous wart or blotch with the tincture until it disappears and we become healthy again. Two cups of this tincture must be used a day.

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