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The most outstanding Polish experimentators will prepare joint project with local improviser. The most talented representatives of the young generation of Polish jazz scene – Młynarski Masecki Jazz Band and Wacław Zimpel will perform in Budapest on 22 – 23rd September as a part of a concert tour “Polish Jazz 1918 – 2018”. The most recognizable Hungarian drummer Pándi Balázs will meet with Wacław Zimpel after ten years and they will prepare a joint gig.

“We come back to the ethos of jazz .” – Marcin Masecki

Wacław Zimpel is considered to be one of the most interesting musicians from Europe.  He was called “music chameleon by Stephen Heyman from New York Times and his last album was titled “spectacular” in “The Quietus”. In his works Zimpel draws from traditions of various cultures (carnatic, moroccan, jewish) combining them with influences of American minimalism and electronics. Zimpel crosses boundaries of music genres, mixes various traditions, looking for this what is common and universal. Together with Pándi Balázs, who is well known from his versatility and open-mindness, Wacław will play a joint show in Lumen Kávézó.

Outstanding pianist Marcin Masecki and multi talented Jan Emil Młynarski are considered to be the most creative representatives of their generation. They do exactly what was forbidden in music school. Rebellious, extremely gifted, balancing on the verge of many musical genres.

Młynarski Masecki Jazz Band revolutionized thinking about arrangement of music of jazz orchestras from 30ties.

They play songs to which people danced in clubs full of tobacco smoke in pre-war Warsaw. Musicians compensate for lost opportunities of entire generation of Polish artists, who in bloom of jazz had to fight and flee from their motherland.

The crucial part of Polish Jazz 1918 – 2018 project is to create a meeting platform for culture promoters, festival organizers and music enthusiasts working in the art industry, who, driven by passion, are getting involved in various activities with a common goal: to share the newest trends in music. „

To meet, to share and to get inspired” is the motto of this cycle of meetings. In Budapest the meeting will take place on 23rd September in Lumen Kávézó.

Polish Jazz 1918 2018 is at the same time concert tour of the most interesting Polish jazz musicians of young generation, international projects of improvised music and meetings of culture promoters. Młynarski Masecki Jazz Band, IRCHA Clarinet Trio and Wacław Zimpel will perform in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. In each city, Polish musician will collaborate with well recognized local improviser. Culture promoters interested in experience exchange and collaboration will meet during networking meetings which will take place in  independent culture centres in all three cities.

Project “Polish Jazz 1918 – 2018” is implemented by Art Centre Firlej in Wrocław, Poland with support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland  as a part of Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s grant scheme Cultural Bridges (Kulturalne pomosty).

22.09.2018, 20:00 Młynarski Masecki Jazz Band Opus Jazz Club (Mátyás u. 8, Budapest)

23.09.2018, 14:00 Networking meeting (Horánszky u. 5, Budapest)

23.09.2018, 19:00 Wacław Zimpel solo | Wacław Zimpel (PL) & Balazs Pandi (HU) Lumen Kávézó (Horánszky u. 5, Budapest)

More information: facebook.com/polishjazz19182018/

Tickets HERE.

Photo: Kobas Laksa

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