In line with custom, the Pálinka and Sausage Festival of the Buda castle will once again open its doors to visitors in the Buda Castle – 3d -5th of October 2014.

The festival will exhibit more then fourhundred different types of pálinka distillates, while visitors may enjoy sampling handcrafted sausages, cheeses and other meat based delicacies at the 8th Pálinka and Sausage Festival of the Buda Castle. The festival’s guest distillate this autumn will be the golden whisky.

The traditional atmosphere guaranteed by the spectrum of pálinka distillates will be enriched this year by a range of live music concerts. The guest distillate, known as „uisge beatha” or the ‘water of life’, otherwise known as Whisky will also be on offer. Indeed, one can never get enough of good quality Whisky, of which the festival will exhibit a broad range, the best quality of the genre to be tasted and explored by visitors.


The price of a day pass will remain 2000 HUF’s. That includes not only the tasting glass that visitors may take home with them but a welcome shot as well. Pálinka tasting will be made care and hassle free by the tried and tested Metapay card payment system.

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October 3th Friday:

16:00 BRAN
18:00 A Nyughatatlan
20:00 Random Trip

October 4th Saturday:

14:00 Favela
16:00 Greenfields
18:00 Skafunderz
20:00 Ocho Macho

October 5th Sunday:

16:00 Swing a’la Django
18:00 Creme de la pop
20:00 Maszkura és a tücsökraj

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