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Opening of a new logistics hub – Orbán: Hungary’s future ‘written throughout the country’

Opening of a new logistics hub – Orbán: Hungary’s future ‘written throughout the country’

“Hungary’s future is being written not only in Budapest but in all parts of the country,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the opening of a new logistics hub in Nyíregyháza, in the north-east, on Wednesday. “This clear proof that things in Hungary are starting to pick up,” he said.

He called the investment by Révész-Nyirlog “a success story”, adding that the country is gradually standing on its own feet. The completion of investment-development projects each week demonstrate that it is worth working in Hungary, he added.

Orbán congratulated the Hungarian-owned family business for the 9 billion forint (EUR 28.9m) investment project carried out over 10 months.

Road haulage company Révész-Nyirlog, a member of the Révész Group, received 594 million forints in funding and various tax-breaks for the project.


The 52,000sqm logistics centre includes warehouses, an office building and service areas. The company raised its headcount by 85 because of the project.

Photo: MTI

With the investment Révész Group expanded its available storage space to 260,000sqm.

Orbán noted at the inauguration that a sizable part of the Hungarian economy is made up of foreign-owned companies that the country needs, but the companies “closest to the hearth” are still the Hungarian ones. Orbán said Hungarian-owned and foreign-owned companies are not opponents as they are part of the same economy. The key the development is cooperation between them, he added.

Zsolt Székely, the CEO of Révész Group, said the company operates 500 trucks and employs 600 in Hungary. The group has subsidiaries in Germany and Romania.

As we wrote yesterday, Hungary has all the conditions in place to ensure economic success over the next few years, the prime minister said in Páty, near Budapest, on Tuesday at an inauguration ceremony of an international logistics centre operated by Hungary’s national industrial parks operator (Nemzeti Ipari Park Üzemeltető és Fejlesztő Zrt.).

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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