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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will propose in the European Parliament that the European Union should legally compel Hungary to introduce the euro, DK MEP Csaba Molnár told a press conference on Thursday.

The euro is expected to reach “historic highs” against the forint within days, impacting the prices of fuel, food and drugs, Molnár warned.

Hungary pledged to introduce the common currency during its accession negotiations (before joining the bloc in 2004), Molnár said. Adopting the euro “immediately” would boost the Hungarian economy, and has the support of the majority of citizens, he said.

Commenting on the press conference, ruling Fidesz said in a statement “Gyurcsány and company want to put Hungary at Brussels’ mercy”.

While in power, Gyurcsány’s government gave up Hungary’s financial sovereignty and “ruined and nearly bankrupted the country”, the statement said. Under Fidesz, Hungary is growing stronger financially and has become one of the most dynamically growing economies of the EU with permanently low deficit and inflation, they said.

Source: MTI

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