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Budapest, May 29 (MTI) – Opposition parties have lambasted the last five years of government and criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orban over his speech at a conference marking the fifth anniversary of his government on Friday.


The radical nationalist Jobbik party said Orban admitted to “government-wide corruption” and “arrogance of power” in his speech but was five years late with the admission. Adam Mirkoczki, the party’s spokesman, said the government lacked credibility in its proposed zero tolerance campaign against abuse and corruption. He said the least the prime minister could have done was to name, and announce investigations against, “corrupt Fidesz scoundrels”.


The Socialist Party said the prime minister’s speech indicated that he “is exactly where he was five years ago”. He has “dismantled the country, the competence of his government and has become the sole decision maker,” Socialist leader Jozsef Tobias told a press conference. “The prime minister made a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to resolve the crisis and the in-fighting in Fidesz,” Tobias said. He said the government was the worst of the last quarter of a century and an heir to authoritarian governments.


The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) said Hungary has “no need for Viktor Orban”. Spokesman Zsolt Greczy said the country’s net public debt has risen and the change in GDP between 2010 and 2014 was within the statistical margin of error. Greczy said it was “reassuring” that the prime minister does not want Hungary to leave the European Union, “now that he, his family and his relatives have all struck it rich from EU funds.”


Egyutt said the result of the current government headed by Orban is that the number of the poor is record high in Hungary and twice as many people have moved away as in 1956. Deputy leader Peter Juhasz told a press conference that “hard-working ordinary people” have been driven to financial ruin, while businessmen Arpad Habony and Lorinc Meszaros and ruling Fidesz stalwarts Janos Lazar and Antal Rogan have been among the winners. Board member Nora Hajdu said the government only represents the interests of those who belong directly to the prime minister and his circle.


Dialogue for Hungary (PM) said Orban’s political legacy was that Hungary has become a scenic depressed country without a vision. PM spokesman Richard Barabas said the prime minister’s speech was a “dreamer describing dreamland to nursery-school children.”


LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer said that the prime minister’s policies had “nothing to do with” pursuing national interests. He said Orban had sacrificed national interests “on the altar of various insane ideas.”

Liberal Party

Hungarian Liberal Party spokeswoman Anett Bosz said “Viktor Orban’s Hungary” fails to guarantee welfare, democracy or the rule of law. She said her party “wants no part of this Hungary”.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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